Wednesday, September 28, 2011

3rd time's a charm...

{T-shirt: StyleMint | Vest: J. Crew | Pants: Urban Outfitters | Huaraches: JustFab | Watch: Nordstrom | Bow pin: States of Alteration | Flower pin: bando}

This outfit is mostly a copy-cat outfit. Last Friday, a 3-year-old in my class wore this outfit. Yes, seriously. Then Monday, my coworker Laura wore it, inspired by the little be-bop. So Tuesday, i just couldn't resist! Let me tell you, if the little doll has this sense of style at 3, be very prepared for her style blog come 20 years...

P.S. Are there any So Cal bloggers interested in the blogger meet-up that Meg over at henning love is planning? Currently it's scheduled for October 16, and I believe the tentative location is Tanaka Farms in Irvine... Comment here, shoot me a tweet/e-mail, or let Meg know you're interested - would love to get more fashion bloggers on board and have a blast with y'all!


  1. just stumbled on your blog! it is precious. definitely following it! LOVE YOUR SHOES!

    xoxox lindsey

  2. You're adorable - those sandals are AMAZING, and I love your oversized watch! :) (Is it Michael Kors?). You look amazing - the vest is great! xo

  3. Too bad my kids wear catholic uniforms or I could reap the benefits of 3 year old fashionistas... Ya look good!

  4. Totally cute. Love that you were inspired by a 3 year old. Indeed, she may be a future fashion blogger. P.S. I gotta have those sandals.

  5. LOVE the huraches. I've always wanted a pair. I love the jean vest. Super cute! Your hair is always so gorgeous. Up or down!



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