Thursday, April 21, 2011

Prepster 101

{Tee: Old Navy | Jeans: J. Crew | Flats: Me Too via Nordstrom | Peds: Voet Hosiery | Necklace: bp Nordstrom}

{Coat: Gap}
So, one might ask, what would the average person do after spending five days in the desert looking like a hippie? Well, truth be told, I don't know what the average person might do, but my first instinct was to go in my own direction of hippie. In People Stylewatch, they did a multi-page spread on Reese Witherspoon's style, which made me kind of prep-obsessed, so I went right for the boatneck striped tee, cuffed jeans, flats, and peacoat!

Once again, I'm wearing these fabulous Voet Hosiery Lingerie Toes! They look white in the photo, but they're really a nude/light tan color. I think they add such an elegant touch to any outfit. I still need to find an occasion to dress them up. You know what that means? I need a day away from work!


  1. hahahaha "i don't know what an average person would do..."

    WHAAAT? those sockie things are blowing my mind.
    We don't have those heeeerrrrreeeeeee :(

    You're cute. Let's be best friends.

  2. This is the perfect outfit, if you ask me. You look amazing, head to toe!

  3. Love this. Mainly because I have really similar go-to-outfits for comfy casual days. The shirt + cuffed jeans + bright flats is basically fool proof :)

    Love how you're added a necklace too.


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