Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Orange Obsession

{Cardigan & Purse: F21 | Jeans: UO | T-Shirt: ? | Sandals: O'Neill | Necklace: Saylor Rose | Bracelet: Luna}

Ok, so I'm not actually obsessed with orange. I'm more-so obsessed with this orange cardigan, since last week's rediscovery in my closet. After a long day in jury service, I got to go out with my best friend Holly last night to Downtown Fullerton for a couple of cocktails. The first thing we both BBMed each other after deciding to go out? "I feel lazy." "I don't want to dress up." "I want to wear a t-shirt." So, alas, this was the result.

I have today off of Jury Duty. Yay for sleeping in! (Even bigger yay for watching trashy DVR like the Teen Mom 2 Reunion with Dr. Drew. Heaven on earth.)


  1. You're so trendy with the orange. :) I am in love with that bag!

  2. You've loved orange for a long time. Remember a pair of orange sneakers w/black stripes?

  3. You look so adorbs in this orange sweater.
    And I am 100 times jealous of this bag.. I almost got it, but got something else instead. ahhhh regret.

  4. Loving that orange. May have to steal it from you!


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