Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekend Society

{plaid shirt: urban outfitters | tank: c/o weekend society | shorts: urban renewal | boots: sam edelman | watch: urban outfitters (similar) | bracelet: c/o old north wind | silver ring: vintage (similar) | turquoise ring: street vendor in mexico (similar)}
When Weekend Society first contacted me to check out their store, I pretty much fell in love immediately! Their mission - We are devoted to the wanderers, the wild ones, and those who believe there is still a bit of mystery in the world. We support all those who have made it their mission to never grow boring. - is so magically enchanting, and their pieces are adorable! I am such a sucker for stars & stripes, maps, and anything Native American-inspired, so Weekend Society's style is right up my alley!

I paired their Republic tank with cutoffs, boots, and plaid flannel when I headed to the Orange County Fair last weekend to see Hunter Hayes! (P.S. Hunter Hayes was almost as adorable as this tank is!)

{hollywood forever snapback / stars racerback tank / one cal / coronado crewneck}
These are some more of my favorite items from Weekend Society's shop! I am pretty much crazy in love with that Coronado Crewneck - I may just have to scoop that up before the Fall chill hits! ;) Don't forget to head over to Weekend Society and let me know what your favorite piece is!


  1. Hunter Hayes is my vocal crush. And your boots are my boot crush. (This is a weird comment.)

  2. This is the perfect casual outfit. You look adorable! I want that shirt.

    Just The Outfits

  3. This is like my ultimate perfect outfit!!! You look adorable as always!!! Love it!!



  4. Love this cool and casual outfit! The shirts layered together looks really great and your shoes are adorable!


  5. Favorite outfit I've seen today! So cute! And those Sam Edelman boots are also my boot crush. ; )



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