Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not polka dots :(

{Top: Solemio via Luna | Pants: UO | Shoes: Minnetonka | Bracelets: via Luna & Haven}

Once again, I was going to wear a hat today. Opposite of the last time, today was a good hair day! These are usually few and far between, so I thought covering up my volumized head with a hat would be just tragic.

Also, sadly, I didn't participate in this month's Everybody, Everywear. Tears. I realized I have only one polka dotted top - and since I wore out its welcome in my 30 for 30, I needed a break from that particular piece, so, alas, I will need to wait till next month!

On another note, Charlie Sheen has inspired me to go through some genetic testing. Results are in: I'm made up of bunny blood and princess DNA. No big deal.


  1. Yeah! I think I've got me some of that princess DNA, too. It manifests itself in our blonde curls, maybe ;)

    Hey your leopard print is a refreshing break from polka dots. Dig.

  2. Love this top. I too missed out on the EBEW and was kinda sad about it. And I so giggled at the sheen joke. hes a mess.

  3. Hahaaa you are cute. You should have submitted this top for the polka-dots. These are dots after all, though of a different kind (species =P).


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