Saturday, March 5, 2011

Icksville Take 2 (25/30)

{Jacket: UO | Shirt: Stem via Nordstrom | Jeans: Seven For All Mankind | Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell}
This is all you get. It was a bad hair day and a bad outfit day. 30x30... please end. Dani... get out of your PJs and make some outfits happen to help this along... Sigh.

{Image Source: Pop Tower}

In far better news, I saw Beastly yesterday. Beauty and the Beast is one of my absolute favorites, and I thought it was a pretty good modern representation. Enjoyable, and I cried. I cry at everything, but I consider it a sign of a good film. More importantly, Mary-Kate Olsen was so fabulous in it. My 24 years and counting obsession with her is not for naught. Her clothes in it were pretty fabulous, as was her green eye shadow. I'll definitely need to try (a more subtle version of) that look out!


  1. That jacket is fab! makes bad hair days better!

    I know that movie is going to make me cry! that's why I may wait for the DVD so I can cry in the privacy of my own home

  2. Um, that jacket is FABULOUS. You wear it so well with those stripes! And does it mean I live under a rock if I haven't heard of Beastly... I should probably look it up and get with the program.

  3. What?! I haven't ever heard of Beastly...and I call myself a huge MK and Ashley fan!


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