Monday, March 7, 2011


{Sweater: Chadwick's via Mom's closet | Jeans: Rock & Republic | Shoes: Sam Edelmen | Necklace: Vintage}

Color! Yay! This is actually my mom's sweater; she wore it last week and I couldn't resist the yummy melon-y pink color and super-soft cashmere. These are the purple flats I was actually having dreams about during the 30 for 30. These jeans, on the other hand... they were the downfall of my outfit today. I got them at a charity sample sale type event last year. I'm pretty sure all the jeans there came from the reject pile of the cutting-room floor. They were discounted, so when I bought them, I gave in despite the ill-fit. They have kind of a bizarre shape, tight in the legs/hips, but loose in the waist? I'm not really sure about them, but all I know is the buttons fell off today. Reject pile.

The maintenance man at my work always calls me "Barbie," (it's possible he doesn't know my real name) and I think today I gave that nickname a run for its money - if only tiny pink pumps were appropriate for my job... tiny pink pumps and a hot pink plastic boom box.

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