Monday, August 27, 2012

Blogger Feature: Megan of Long Live Classy

Please welcome Megan from Long Live Classy to The Daily Dani! Megan's classic style is so impeccable, she impresses me with every outfit post!

3 words to describe your personal style?
Classic, Preppy, and Youthful

What would you consider the 5 essential items to a fashionable wardrobe?
Every woman should own a sheath dress in a neutral color, a blazer (in either white, black, or navy), a classic pair of pumps, pearls, and a pretty sundress!

Your blog focuses on young women who are interested in classic style with a still youthful twist. What are the challenges in executing this juxtaposition, and how have you been able to overcome them?
There are actually a couple of challenges that I face with this style niche-- One being that even though my blog is centered around people my age (I'm 18), I haven't really met anyone around the same age who shares my style! It doesn't really affect me though, because I adore all of my followers so dearly, no matter how old they are! However, the biggest challenge I face is finding classic clothing with a youthful twist. A lot of clothing that is considered "classic" these days is often tailored towards older women, which means that sizing is often more generous. I have had luck with finding clothes that fit the classic-yet-youthful vibe, but it just takes a lot of searching and shopping! I've found that mixing super classic pieces with a hint of youthful "trendiness" keeps it fresh.

I splurge on classic, timeless pieces (Leather pumps and flats, watches, sunglasses, etc) and save on seasonal, trendier pieces ("Of-the-moment" colors and pieces I can't wear year-round).

One trend I'm dying to try is: 
The bright color block trend!

Can you name a childhood moment of you and clothing?:
My love for fashion and shopping probably began with frequent shopping trips with my grandma. For as long as I can remember, she'd always take me out to the department store and spend hours helping me pick out a brand new outfit (We still do this today!). I give all credit to my grandma for teaching me her classy ways and how to dress like a classy lady. She's 85 years old now, as slender than ever, and still wears three inch heels!

I feel most myself when I’m wearing:
For the office-- A classic sheath dress, a fitted cardigan and belt, and classic pumps. Oh, and you can't forget a chic, structured bag!
For the weekend-- Either a sundress and sandals, or a slouchy tee, mid-rise shorts, and my trusty Sperry's.
Thanks so much, Megan! Don't forget to head over to Long Live Classy and say hello!


  1. I think I may have found a new fave blog! Great feature :)

  2. SO SO CUTE! i am in love with this! xx

  3. great feature! xox P


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