Monday, August 13, 2012

Blogger Feature: Kelli of Leopard & Lavender

Today, I'm featuring Kelli of Leopard & Lavender! Her style is fabulous, as is her personality! I love seeing what she wears, what she's up to in her life (recently, a cross-country move!), and reading all of her insightful thoughts! :)

3 words to describe your personal style?
Comfortable, sparkly, and DENIM. Not necessarily in that order, or at the same time :)

Who are your celebrity style icons?

I have always loved Nicole Richie's style. She pairs bohemian with glam with such ease, and her day-to-day outfits are incredible. I also am quite fond of Olivia Palermo, though at this point, who isn't?? Whether she is on the red carpet or just running errands in NY, her style is always of the moment and easily recreated from my closet, which I appreciate. 

What would you consider the 5 essential items to a fashionable wardrobe?
If you've read my blog, you know my flat out obsession with statement necklaces, so that is clearly number 1! 2. A pair of jeans that make you feel great. 3. A  comfortable v-neck in a neutral. 4. A go-to party dress. 5.... leopard print ballet flats, of course :) These 5 are crucial to any closet because not only do they mix and match together, but they mix and match with other things in your closet. They are versatile and any of these items could be the starting point for your new favorite outfit!

One of your claims to blogger fame is that you went an entire year without shopping! What were the major challenges in this feat, and how did you overcome them? What did you learn from the experience? 
Ah yes, my year without shopping. I really started that blog, Stop Shop, just needing something (ANYTHING) to write about. I quickly realized how difficult it was going to be. I had used shopping as a crutch for so long- the remedy to a bad day. In that year, a lot of stuff was happening in my personal life. I remember going to Anthropologie thinking that "just looking" would be enough. I was in the dressing room with tons and tons of stuff to try on, trying to find a way to convince myself that I could get away with one little spree. Luckily, I stopped myself- I knew the goal was representative of a lot more than just "no new clothes." It was really empowering to set such a huge goal for myself and stick with it for the entire year. I have used that experience as a factor in many other parts of my life-  whenever I see a challenge, I know that at that time- that challenge was the hardest thing ever and somehow I still accomplished that. It reminds me I can probably accomplish other very challenging hurdles as well :)
Who are your favorite bloggers, and why?
Well I  of course love The Daily Dani- I totally relate to you and love the exposure you give other bloggers (like me!). I also am a huge fan of Cupcakes and Cashmere- she showcases all aspects of her life and does it with incredible class. I like Sincerely Jules, her style is the perfect mix of tomboy and super girly. And I am a very big fan of Hello Fashion. Christine is a friend of mine from college, the world's biggest sweetheart, and I have loved watching her blog and business grow so rapidly. Her style is pretty much perfect, too!

Can you name a childhood moment of you and clothing? 
While today I am definitely a denim girl- when I was younger, that was painfully not the case. I am pretty sure I didn't wear pants until second grade- ONLY dresses and skirts. My mom would do everything to get me to expand my wardrobe, but I'd always sneak a skirt on OVER the top of pants- whether it matched or not. I vividly remember sprinting from her car into my pre-school as she did everything to get me back in the car. I totally put a bright pink skirt OVER my leggings and sweatshirt outfit. It was the 90's, I'm sure it still worked ;-)

My most cringe worthy fashion moment:
Sadly, about 800 come to mind. I never have felt like a super-fashionista, so I can think of so many occasions where I hated what I was wearing and totally cringe at the photos. But I think the worst are when I didn't feel like MYSELF. I used to go to Las Vegas every year for Spring Break. I would always try to fit the "Vegas Look," bandage dresses, short skirts, etc... etc.. etc... That just IS NOT ME. There is a very specific outfit, a one armed, sequined bodycon dress with sky-high caged heels and way too much eyeliner. I suppose I fit in "in the clubs" but I can hardly believe I ever wore it. It was my Kardashian moment... a look that so many girls pull off perfectly, but I still feel like I was playing dress up for Halloween. Totally not me.

I feel most myself when I’m wearing:
I have a grey v-neck from Oxford College, by way of my boyfriend's closet. He gave it to me, unwillingly I'm pretty sure. It is so soft and I've worn it so many ways, jeans, skirts, tied over dresses, and often times as a pajama shirt. It is a security blanket I can wear- but once made the popular page on Pose so it is also very stylish- at least when I need it to be.

Don't forget to head over to Leopard & Lavender to say hi to Kelli and see more of her fun life & style!


  1. Love her style! Leopard flats are definitely a must in every girl's wardrobe. Kudos to Kelli for not shopping for an entire year either! Amazing :)

  2. Love it! So cute. She seems so sweet. And a whole year without shopping? 99% sure I would actually die. No, really. I would die. I guess that says a lot about my will power compared to hers. But, hey, I am impressed and inspired by her! What a great goal to stick with...probably made her remix her closet a lot of different ways. ANYWAY, I'm rambling now...ok, I'll go. She's great and I shall go follow her.

  3. Oh my! Kelli has fab fashion sense...Heading over to follow her blog right meow.

  4. Love her style. Great post
    xo, Petra

  5. such great style. Fabulous post, Dani! I've got some exciting news regarding my post. Hope you'll stop by to check it out. Oh, and thanks so much for the book recommendation. I have quite the must read list now. :) xo

  6. Her style is awesome :)
    Maybe we can follow each other?!!

    She Rockin Them Stilettos


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