Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2012 Teen Choice Awards - Fashion!

Let's mark the TCAs as a show that I didn't know was on until after it was already over. I feel slightly weird insulting commenting on teens' wardrobe choices, but hey... fashion is fashion, right?

My Favorites
Kendall: Even though she's a celebrity for doing absolutely nothing, at least she's got the hook-ups to a cute wardrobe! I really like the feminine lace details at the hem and neckline of this dress! // Kylie: Holy Kardashian hair. I think the Kardashian family should come out with a haircare or extension line of some sort. They'd make billions. (Because they need more money.) Anyway, this dress is adorable and age-appropriate, which I appreciate. // Kat: I didn't know who this was (Google tells me she's on "Vampire Diaries"), but I know she dresses adorably! I don't think I would ever take that Mara Hoffman dress off if I owned it, but If I did, changing into this adorable shortsuit wouldn't be half bad, either! // Taylor: This isn't mind-blowing or anything, but Taylor looks pretty, and has chosen not to look 40 years old this time around, which is an improvement. // Victoria: Cuuuuute. The print, the high neckline, and the fun sideways high-low hem make this dress so trendy, youthful, and vibrant! // Lea: Let the clouds part and the angels sing! I finally like something Lea Michele wore! This is very flattering, errs on the side of not slutty, and the metallic detailing makes this minidress extra-special! (Also, it looks like Lea may have finally eaten something... or it's the cut of the dress; who's to say?) // Hayden: My favorite of the night! Her hair, the fit of the dress, and the sparklelicious purple are all beautiful! Usually, I'd ix-nay the matchy-matchy shoes, but something about it seems on-trend this time!

None of these ladies look particularly awful. They just really felt "meh" to me - I was underwhelmed. Zoe: I suppose the cut of this dress(/outfit?) is cute, but the olive color is really unflattering, the graphic print is too large for her small frame, and what's with the teal shoes...? // Zooey: I hate to say it, but we get it, already, Zooey. You have vintage bangs and you wear vintage-esque dresses. Let's try something new, shall we? // Jordin: I'm making a scrunched up face looking at this. The fit is all wrong, the hemline is too short, the applique is old-fashioned and pageant-y, and the purple shoes don't match... Sorry, girl. // Debby: The print of this dress is actually pretty cool, but it's misplaced. I think if ran the pattern down the front, and put black down the sides, this could be super flattering and slimming! The neckline's a smidge high, as well. Plus, I hate cut-out shoulders. I know they're pretty in right now, but I just don't quite get it.

Kristen: Kristen's personal choices aside (cheating bey-otch...), this outfit is pretty cute. It's casual, I like the leather pants with the casual tee, and she actually didn't look like she wanted to kill herself this night. But she has some funky braided dreads or something hanging down the side of her head which I just don't get. We know you hate life, K-Stew, but pull a comb through your hurr. // Robert: Maybe he wanted to draw attention away from his handsome face with a hideous rodeo meets bedazzler meets "I'm pretending I didn't try but I obviously did" look, but I personally prefer a look that is more classic, like his beauty. // Demi: Oy vey. In theory, I actually like this. If you get rid of the feathers. And shoulder armor. And the sheer side (/dangerously close to front) boob. Hyper-stylized much?

Bad Hair
Demi: Kim Kardashian meets Street Fighter circa '95 on crack? Eek. // Peyton: Is it wrong to judge a child's hair?

Boys Will Be Boys
 Justin: Who is this chick? I think I saw her on last week's episode of "The Real L Word." // Joe: Why? I guess if he'd ditched that funky blazer or put a dressier shirt underneath it, this wouldn't be so bad. Or maybe it's the messy hair and pedophile 5'oclock shadow? You be the judge. // Kyle: I'm very confused and so is he. The shirt is... weird. The pants are feminine. Plus they don't match. Huh what?!

Dapper Dudes
Tyler: I didn't know who this was either. That's because he isn't 12 anymore. (He's the child from "Everybody Hatees Chris," FYI.) He looks so cute! Does he have a menswear style blog? He should. // Michael: Another "Vampire Diaries" star, apparently. He looks so good, too! Gotta love a man who will rock a denim vest, colored pants, AND a suede desert boot. Hellooooo, Michael. // Tyler: Simple, casual, classic. Looking good, Teen Wolf. // Ian: Yeah. This is just a t-shirt and jeans, but with that face, what else does he need? (He threw on a jacket for the actual awards show, but I couldn't tear myself away from this particularly stunning stone-cold stare.)

What do you all think? Do you agree/disagree? Who were your favorites this year? Who did I leave out?  


  1. Loved all your comments... you gave me a good giggle!


  2. I completely agree about Demi! It's just too too much. Every time I see Tyler Posey I want to go watch Maid in Manhattan. I know what I'm doing tonight!

  3. I 100% agree with EVERYTHING you said, right down to switching the pattern and putting black on the sides of Debby's dress. I thought the exact same thing. We must have fashion psychic...ism or something. And thank you for the "she" comment on JustinE Bieber. I mean, come on! How is he a heartthrob?!

  4. Oh Ian, allow me to swoon over you.


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