Monday, May 30, 2011

Blogger Feature: Monk of Hello, Monkeyface!

h&m sweater - old navy tank - anthropologie belt - target cords - talbots flats


OH HAI, Daily Dani friends! I'm Monkeyface from Hello, Monkeyface! just dropping in to say HEY. WHAT'S UP. You get the idea. So yeah, this is me, wearing clothes, but secretly wishing I were in my robe and slippies. Essentially you are seeing the I-CAN-go-out-in-public-like-this version of what I wear nonstop around the house, which is a giant robe and soft cushiony purple slippers that look almost exactly like these flats. I would have taken a picture of said robe and slippies to give you a side-by-side comparison, but as you might have already gathered from the fact that I have talked a lot already about not really getting dressed, I am what the French call "lay-ZEE." Also like the French, I may have been too busy wining and cheesing to take oh-so blasé pictures of the glorified pajamas no one is supposed to see me in anyway. No, eff it, let's be honest - it's really just the lazy thing. Pardon my French.


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