Monday, May 16, 2011

Blogger Feature: Bekah of Matters of Merrymaking

Hello to my dear Daily Dani readers! I am Bekah of Matters of Merrymaking, my little corner of blogger land where I share my daily style, sarcastic opinions on various topics, and my current favorite margarita flavor! (This week it's raspberry!) My B-BFF (BLOGGER BFF, duh!) Dani and I decided to do a blog swap, and boy... it feels nice and warm here on the West Coast! :)

On today's menu, we have me and Dani styling our similar long tank tops and answering a variety of questions we asked one another. I sense that the suspense is killing you, so here we go:

{Leggings: LB | Shoes: Groove | Top: LB | Cardigan: Old Navy | Clutch: Vintage}

Since Day ONE, I have loved this tank... the print, the cut, the fabric. I rocked it around the clock around Christmas time. You can dress it up or down, and I love that possibility in a top. I've even tucked it in a skirt, like here.

My new shoes are probably my favorite. I wish I could wear them everyday, but I don't think they're super practical for a kindergarten teacher. My mother's friend just gifted me her collection of vintage clutches, including this one. I am so excited about them, they're 70s funky fun!

Here are the questions Miss Dani asked me:

DANI: 3 words to describe your personal style?
BEKAH: Colorful, Eclectic, & Real.

D: You're a big Grizzlies fan - how do you keep your look fashionable but still comfortable and spirited while enjoying a good game?
B: Oh my, good question. I know that girls who wear heels to a sporting event get a bad rep from avid fans. And I admit, I may have done it once or twice. I mean, I AM from the South. However, I am all about team spirit, and I definitely do it in my own way! But no, you won't catch me in tennis shoes.

D: What is your most meaningful item of jewelry?
B: Definitely would be my high school graduation present from my grandmother. It was the most expensive thing that had ever been bought for me, and I will cherish it forever and hopefully one day pass it on to my own daughter, or niece, for her graduation. it is a huge ring made of mother of pearl and metal detailing. Love love it.

D: What is your go-to, never-fail casual outfit? "Formal" outfit?
B: For casual, it is DEFINITELY my rainy day outfits. If I know I need to be comfortable and cool, I go for a boyfriend tee. You can do anything you want to do to it, as far as jewelry or accessories. I love the casual chic look of the turban headband. On the formal side of things, I definitely reach for a dress. I have a vast collection of dresses for all seasons, and the experiment of making them different every time is the best part. If you told me I had to get dressed formally RIGHT NOW, I'd grab my purple pleated dress, Nine West wedges, and a chunky statement necklace.

D:Who are your favorite bloggers, and why?
B:My list is by no means extensive, but more like a list of ladies I love because of the personal, blogging relationships I have built with them... I look forward to checking their blogs everyday! In addition to great style, they all have unique personalities. Be sure to check them out!

Becks from Oomph
Kimberley from Fashion Momma
Elle from Joy, etc
Erin from Moms Have Style Too!
Melissa from Write It In Lipstick

D:How do you plan to take your fabulous style from college life into the "real world?" (Assuming you consider 3-year-olds who eat glue the real world, as I do!)
B: I think I will have a few more dress code restrictions, as I am working in a school environment. Less short dresses, more pants. I think it will be a different style journey, and I am excited about it. The good news is that my cardigan obsession is not going anywhere :)

I want to thank the lovely Dani for inviting me to switch blogs with her for today and all of you guys for reading! It has been such a blast! Be sure to check out my blog, Matters of Merrymaking, to see Dani's outfit and MY questions for her.

xoxo BEKAH


  1. That's probably my favorite top of yours, bekah, so cute!!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  2. Thanks, Lidi! I love how it turned out!
    Thanks again, Dani!


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