Friday, July 18, 2014

"I Climbed Into Bushes to Take These Photos"

{tank: express | shorts: i have no clue! (similar, similar) | sandals: birkenstock via zappos | sunglasses: target}
I'm fairly certain the title of my post says it all. ;) I climbed into bushes to take these photos, and I'm glad I did, because it was quite the tropical background for my look today. 

I spent another day sunning myself beachfront, and then spent the rest of the afternoon developing my sunburn. (Yes, burn. My entire body is burned. I apply SPF 50 like it's my job, so this is quite the disappointment. I'll need to stay in the shade tomorrow!) 

After a day in the sun, we drove to Lahaina for some delicious dinner (and malasadas - Portuguese donuts - for dessert) at Star Noodle!

Photos of Hawaiian landscape will never get old, right? Good...

{can you see the rainbow in the center?!}

And on another note...

{my overly ambitious summer reading stack! by tomorrow, i should be about 2.5 down!}

{udon + pad thai!}
More to come… I have another 5 days here!


  1. LOVE that top! How fab that it shows off your tattoo! That food looks amazing and I hope you write a post on some book recommendations!


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