Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Most Beautiful Dress in the World

{dress: anthropologie - sold out (similar) | cardigan: old navy | platforms: chinese laundry}
So, I'm not even trying to be hyperbolic here, but I really do think this is the most beautiful dress in the world. When I saw Bridgette post it on Instagram a few months ago, I fell instantly in love and rushed onto the Anthro website and saw that it was on sale! Though I shop online a lot, sizing always terrifies me, especially on sale items! Still, I bit the bullet, took the plunge, and ended up with this near-perfectly-fitting, gorgeously colored, heavenly embroidered piece! I paired it with these surprisingly light-as-a-feather (but slightly uncomfortable to teach in) platforms that my mom got me as a gift to start the school year!

The only downfall of wearing this to work? NO ONE COMPLIMENTED ME. NO ONE. I MEAN. NO ONE!!! NOT ONE COWORKER MADE EVEN ONE NOTION AT THE FACT THAT THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DRESS IN THE WORLD! I found myself sending selfies to my friends just so they would compliment me. I was that desperate for others to acknowledge the beauty that is this dress.

So, I leave it to you, my friends. Please comment if you agree that this is, indeed, the most beautiful dress in the world. :)


  1. This dress is seriously adorable! It's weird how that happens though. When you LOVE a piece, sometimes no one notices. Then other days when you just say, "eh. This will do." People compliment left and right. That dress is pretty awesome though!

  2. This is definitely the most beautiful dress in the world!

  3. It's fed the most beautiful dress! Can't believe NO ONE said anything especially with how unique it is, it's not like it's just a simple dress. I would have for sure said something about how pretty it is!

  4. you look absolutely gorgeous in that dress! and those red heels... wowiee:))
    lots of love xx

  5. that is a beautiful dress!! A great anthro find! and shame on your coworkers for not saying anything... are they blind?!! seriously, everything about that dress is awesome!

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  6. I hate when you have something new that you love and no one compliments you on it! But don't worry, thats part of the reason we blog, right?! I LOVE the dress, so bright and fun! Looks great with the blue cardi.


  7. If I saw you, I would have given you a compliment. SO CUTE!!


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