Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide - by Olivia!

Did you check out my holiday gift guide 2 weeks ago? How about Sarah's gift guide last week? Well, I have another fabulous bunch of goodies coming your way via my blogging "little sis," Miss Olivia of Wanderlust And Such!

1.     BFF – Zara Clutch, $70
Because everyone likes something that sparkles. Also you can borrow it.
2.     Mom – J.Crew Cashmere Wrap, $110
          She gave birth to you, the least you can do is get her something made of  
          cashmere. Come on now.
3.     Dad – Dodo iPad Case, $60
          Supposedly the best iPad case there is. And if your Dad doesn’t have an 
          iPad, well….get him one?
4.     Brother – J.Crew Chambray Shirt, $98
          Be a good style influence and get your brother an always-fashionable 
          chambray button-down. Sure, it’s not tickets to the Superbowl, but he (and 
          his girlfriend…) will thank you later.
5.     Sister – Kate Spade Bow Ring, $78
          This simple gold ring would make just about any girl happy.
6.     Boyfriend – Robri Suede Desert Shoe, $110
Because nothing says “Merry Christmas, I love you” like “I love you more in a nice pair of shoes.”
7.     Olivia (ME) – Marc Jacobs Large Gold Watch, $275
I mean, if anyone is looking to buy little old me a present… just throwing it out there.

Such fabulosity! I'll take that adorable sparkly clutch, thank you very much! Don't forget to drop by and say hello to Liv, and keep checking back for some more wonderful gift guides from my friends in the blogosphere!

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