Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blonde. Mint. Bubble necklace.

{Sweater, Blouse, & Watch: Nordstrom | Jeans: JustFab | Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell | Necklace: ILY Couture}

Ahhh, what a day this was. I woke up with a stomach bug of some sort, but had tickets to see Aziz Ansari with my friend in San Bernardino! Well, I fought through it, we drove quite a distance, had some sushi (which I had to force down, then almost barfed up - sorry for that imagery), and fought through my feverish tendencies, all whilst getting lost in scary neighborhoods and then laughing at Aziz. Upside: He was hilarious!

Other upside: I liked how I looked! I got more blonde in my hair finally - I was over the ombre and needed to brighten up. This sweater combines many things that I love - mint, leopard, and super softness. I'm in love. Never mind that I ended taking it off and putting my hair in a messy bun during a hot flash. It looked good while it lasted.


  1. Why are you still wearing sandals. I hate you. We're fighting. I'm kidding. I love you. You rock. I want that sweater. Now I'm done.

  2. I bet he was hilarious! I love Parks and Rec :) Loving your new blonde hair! Heather

  3. oh, envy you! It´s so cold here in sweden :(

  4. haha I love this post!!! I hope you feel better!!:) At least you look good!:)


  5. You hair is ROCKIN!!! And you were a trooper with being sick and all! High five to ya!!

  6. Dani, first of all love your hair. It looks amazing. Also loving your sweater, I must find something similar. I am glad that we are also now "sisters" in necklace. I own two bubble necklaces and I just can't stop wearing them. Great post and you look fabulous like always.

  7. Love the brighter hair! Lookin' super cute!! Miss you!


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