Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Song: Vampire Weekend

So, I really love Vampire Weekend. I only sort of loved them until I saw them at Coachella in 2010. Then I was hooked! I fought through food poisoning to be towards the front of the crowd for their performance, and it was worth it! Then, luckily, I saw them in a healthy state later that year, at the Hollywood Bowl in September 2010, and was blown away. Sometimes, I see bands I love in concert and they are either weird or antisocial or just, well, not as good, and it kind of ruins their music for me. This is NOT the case with Vampire Weekend! They are great performers and incredibly charming. [And I also have a crush on every member. Truth.] Most of their music is super upbeat and "dance-y," but this song is a little more low-key with a hint of sadness. Enjoy, and then check out some videos of their live performances on YouTube - you won't be sorry!


  1. Oh gosh, don't even get me started on Vampire Weekend!!! Obsessed I tell ya! :)

    Such a great song and band!


  2. great band, listening to them always puts me in such a good mood!


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